Abstracts for CUNY 2018

I will be presenting two posters at CUNY 2018 in Davis, CA. See below for the short and long abstracts!

Response bias modulates the grammaticality asymmetry: Evidence for a continuous valuation model of agreement attraction

Christopher Hammerly, Adrian Staub, & Brian Dillon

In agreement attraction, the grammaticality asymmetry—the fact that errors in comprehension lead to illusions of grammaticality, but not illusions of ungrammaticality—has been used to favor retrieval accounts (e.g. ACT-R) over feature percolation accounts (e.g. Marking & Morphing). In three speeded 2AFC experiments, we show the grammaticality asymmetry is due to a bias towards grammatical sentences, rather than retrieval dynamics. When response bias is neutralized, attraction occurs in both grammatical and ungrammatical sentences. The results are used to support a drift diffusion account of attraction, where illusions arise due to equivocal evidence about number marking on the subject.

Full Abstract

Resumptive pronouns can ameliorate island violations in real-time comprehension

Christopher Hammerly

In contrast to intuition, much psycholinguistic work of the past decade has claimed that resumptive pronouns (RPs) in English provide no benefit to the comprehension of islands. This claim has been made on the basis of offline measures. In the present study, using self-paced reading, we find evidence of real-time benefits for RPs in island violating structures: compared to gaps, in non-island conditions, RPs are associated with longer reading times, while RPs in island-violating structures facilitate reading. The results provide support for an account where RPs give bottom-up evidence of the location of gaps, making filler-gap dependencies easier to form.

Full Abstract

Abstract and information about my co-authored talk to be added soon!

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